When you see them talking about your project in a magazine #blessed

Miracles truly exist. I am so grateful for this moment! Like through magic The Universe/God/Bl.Zdenka brought us all together.


It is an amazing privilege for me as an artist to be welcomed with open arms by Bl. Zdenka's family and friends and to have her family's approval and blessings for the continues journey of  "Wild Flower: a story of faith and sacrifice" 

Interview by Radio Expres Slovakia

The flyers are ready for Cannes YAY!!!

April 2015

Musical presentation of "Falling in Love again" - the story of Marlene Dietrich


August 2014

The short film ON THE RUN by Leroy Davis III will be screened at the Playhouse West Film Festival end of August


8th and 9th December 2013

Performing in another show with the Miserable Brilliant Ensemble at the Victory Theater with the “Cigarette Stories”


8th December 2013

Shooting a Zombie Short film, directed by Leroy Davis III and produced and shot by Paul Salmons


September 2013

I’m performing in “A night with Tennessee Williams” at the Victory Theater in Burbank.


July 2013

Shooting a Horror Feature film called “Emma” with the talented director Vlad Feier


June 2013

My short film "Wild Flower" is in the official selection of EVOLUTION INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Hollywood


May 2013

My webseries just got launched on youtube. Go check it out.


March 2013

Performing in a six-week run of the theater show "Stories on the Rocks" in Burbank​


November 2012

Shooting the webseries “It’s Temporary” – COMING IN MAY 2013

Stories on the Rocks made the news:

My past which gives me drive and energy...

I told one of my teachers the story on how my parents made it to Germany during the Communist Regime. At that point I didn't know that she thought it would make a good story and so couple weeks later I got a phone call from a news reporter who wanted to talk to me about this.

Read the full article here. 

It's story telling and I fell in love with it...

Oh what a great time I had and how much I cried after our last performance. I didn't want it to be over. I loved the butterflies I felt when I walked out on stage with my best friend Sarah. We were the opening scene and we'd stay behind the curtain, look at each other with a big smile, take a deep breath and walk out on stage. It was an amazing feeling - similar to the feeling I got when I walked out on the Tennis court to compete. It's hard to describe all the things that you go through in one or the other -you just have to experience it I guess. 

This was the moment I discovered that Tennis wasn't my only passion in my life. And so I always kept it in my heart and I knew that somehow I'll get back to the stage. Who would've known that it would happen in Los Angeles?

It's story telling and I fell in love with it. 

Since I like to try out everything - I thought I should try to walk in a pageant....

And I did :) mainly because I had a bet with my friends that when I turn 18 I'll walk in one. Of course they thought I was all talk and I wanted to prove them otherwise and so I signed up. It was fun and I definitely enjoyed the experience. After my first one I decided to compete in 2 others, but eventually I had to accept the fact that this wasn't the ultimate thing for me. 

However, it made me more confident and it taught me a lot. Never be afraid of anything! You can do whatever you want to do!