"I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were Magicians."

Francis Ford Coppolla

German/Slovak actress, Kika Cicmanec is a mysterious, strong, kind and multi faced chameleon. Her type ranges from the girl next door to the edgy, dangerous assassin to the classy, seductive woman. Born in Slovakia and raised in a small town in south Germany, she was blessed in receiving a tennis scholarship for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The first time Kika performed on stage and discovered that her passion doesn't just lie on the tennis court, was in an early age when she acted in her High School production of Grease where she played Marty.


Something you should know about me...

While competing for the Division I Women's Tennis Team she also double majored in Broadcasting and Advertising, and minored in Theater and Architecture. After her student-athlete career she relocated to Los Angeles and finished her studies with a MFA in Acting for film to follow her dream in

the City of Angels.


"Yes I'm proud to be a HUSKER -

Some inspirational and favorite women celebrities with similar comparisons are Diane Kruger, Courtney Cox, Allison Williams, Jennifer Garner, Sandra Bullock, young Jodie Foster and many more.